Apple Will Remove Games From the App Store That Lack Updates


Many who own iPhones and other iOS devices have been used to download a lot of software, including games, from Apple’s App Store for many years. It seems that it won’t be as easy from now on, considering that the Cupertino-based giant is preparing a harsh move for those games that weren’t updated in a while.

According to VGC, those games that weren’t updated in 2 years won’t remain in Apple’s App Store anymore. Apple officials believe that by doing so, they are improving the famous app store.

Watch out for Apple’s email!

Apple might inform you via email that it aims to take down a certain app. The mail writes as the publication mentioned above quotes:

App Store Improvement Notice

This app has not been updated in a significant amount of time and is scheduled to be removed from sale in 30 days. No action is required for the app to remain available to users who have already downloaded the app.

You can keep this app available for new users to discover and download from the App Store by submitting an update for review within 30 days.

If no update is submitted within 30 days, the app will be removed from sale.

Apple’s developer website confirmed the news as well. The tech giant explained that the move is part of a process to make it easier for customers to find software that they need. The same source further writes:

We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.

However, if a user’s app is removed, current users will still be able to have access to it.

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