Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update: What Features Are Much Needed?

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Animal Crossing: New Horizon is full of surprises. The game went down for a few hours at the beginning of the month, when the creators added new events for fans. Most of these events were not programmed into the game initially, and fans started to think if there will be a new update soon.

Animal Crossing celebrates the Tanabata festival, which’s very popular in Japan. The next update will happen with a new set of events for August, and the Fireworks event will be one of the big highlights. Nintendo has also increased the storage space for Animal Crossing players, and fans are more eager to find out if a new update is in the works.

As of now, we are here today to tell you about some of the possible features for the next Animal Crossing update.

The customization of the fence

This one has been on players’ wishlists for quite a time now, and fans have reasons to believe it will happen soon. We know this is not a major update, but it can be the start of something big. Right now, players can customize many of their in-game items, but not the fences. If the game also allows players to customize fences, it will boost their creativity, and their islands will start looking different from one another.

The Able Sisters cart

It is safe to say that this shop is one of the most popular in the game. Players can buy clothes and many other items from here. Recently, they have added dressing rooms, and players have access to many outfits and their colour variants.

Everyone is waiting for this cart, so they can buy all of the items without having to go between both sections, which can get pretty annoying at times. We know that the Able Sisters store has seen a lot of updates throughout time, with each month offering some new items. But this cart option would be a really big step forward.

Characters having better convos

We know that players visit other villagers in order to initiate dialogue. But the convos are restricted. We hope Nintendo will fix this soon.

Skipping dialogues

Isabelle’s dialogues are…a bit repetitive, especially for players who have been playing since the game’s inception. Players want an option to skip the dialogue and the long announcements, that she makes every single morning.

Players to be able to stack their weeds

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows its players to stack their items, unlike the predecessors of the game. The storing process is somewhat easy, but there is one problem that everyone would like to be solved: there is a fixed number for each item. For example, players can stack only 30 iron nuggets and tree branches. And they can have only ten bags of yellow rose bags. Players can store 99 clumps of weeds, which is…a lot. Weeds are the most common items in the game, and they can pick them without any trouble. But shouldn’t this be the same for all of the items?

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