Akira Toriyama Explains Gohan’s New Form From ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’

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Gohan once again left everyone speechless when he achieved an even stronger transformation than ever in the 2022 film ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.’ People are already wondering if the new form can rival his father’s Ultra Instinct technique, but perhaps someone will shed some light on that aspect as well at some point.

The movie hasn’t told much about the secret behind Gohan’s massive power boost. The half-blooded Saiyan achieved it while being enraged at seeing his good friend Piccolo getting injured by Cell. This is a classic recipe in the history of Dragon Ball, but even so, providing a more detailed explanation would have been a good idea.

Dragon Ball Creator speaks out

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, comes to provide a little explanation behind Gohan’s new form. Toriyama said the following, as translated by @Herms98:

Goha’s had quite a few transformations in the past, but this time he needed to awaken to a new one. Gohan has achieved his own unique evolution, based off the sort of awakenings he had as a boy,

I’ve even named this transformation ‘Son Gohan Beast’ in the sense that the wild beast within him has awakened.

There you have it: Gohan’s new form has somehow brought its fuel from the numerous situations when the fighter has been decisive as a kid. We can remind even of the very first episodes of Dragon Ball Z, when Gohan, who was only 4 years old and had never trained before, was able to generate a power level stronger than his father. Gohan did it against Raditz, his evil uncle, damaging him significantly. The only drawback was that Gohan was able to generate that power for a short time and unconsciously.

Later on, Gohan started to train and become one of the strongest Z warriors while he was still a child. We can remember when he fought some foes on Namek, including Frieza, as well as the biggest test held in Dragon Ball Z against Cell.



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