ZTE Nubia Z50S Pro Has a Launch Date

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The work on the ZTE Nubia Z50S smartphone model is almost done, as the product has a release date scheduled a lot earlier than many expected. The phone can easily qualify as a flagship due to its high-end processor and generous RAM memory.

Those who are willing to get their hands on the ZTE Nubia Z50S Pro will have to wait only a few days more until the device is officially unveiled. The phone stands out for 12GB of RAM, while it will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Those are just two of the highlights!

ZTE Nubia Z50S Pro launches on July 20

According to thetechoutlook.com, the launch date for the forthcoming ZTE Nubia Z50S Pro for China is scheduled on July 20. The phone will also feature a main camera that has a 35mm focal length and f/1.59 aperture. Those willing to have some decent battery power on their phone surely won’t be disappointed by what the Z50S has to offer, as the phone is expected to sport a 5000mAh battery.

What else could we expect from the ZTE Nubia Z50S Pro? Thanks to other sources, we also know that the phone will feature a large 6.68 inches display. This means that pretty much nobody will complain about the display of the device being too small.

As for the device’s rear camera, it needs to be said that future users will get to capture stunning moments with the powerful rear camera setup of the ZTE Nubia Z50S Pro. The device features an impressive 64-megapixel primary camera, accompanied by two additional lenses with 50 megapixels each. This high-resolution camera system allows users to take detailed and sharp photos, preserving every precious memory.

Feel free to tell us about your own demands and expectations for the forthcoming ZTE Nubia Z50S Pro!

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