YogiFi Releases New Smart Yoga Mat To Celebrate Yoga Day

Credit: YogiFi

YogiFi has introduced a brand new intelligent yoga mat known as the YogiFi Gen 2 in celebration of Yoga Day. This 2nd-generation mat is an improved variant of the YogiFi aiMat, which was launched earlier. It provides a variety of intelligent capabilities, including one that corrects your posture automatically. According to YogiFi, its smart mat has a global presence, with userbases in 17 countries around the world.

The enhanced posture tracking that this smart yoga mat offers, which provides step-by-step instructions as well as real-time corrections and feedback, is one of the primary features that sets it apart from the competition. In addition, the brand-new YogiFi Gen 2 provides users with a selection of posture and bodyweight exercises known as asanas. The intelligent yoga mat includes tools for recording many workouts at once and counting repetitions. People who want to have an engaging 1-on-1 session with trained coaches from all over the world can now use the Gen 2 smart yoga mat, according to the firm that makes it, because it has succeeded to deliver a human touch.

The YogiFi Gen 2 does not have a camera that can record its users’ activity or the kind of yoga poses that they perform. This was done with the users’ privacy in mind. The company asserts that user session data is exclusively utilized in order to improve AI feedback and provide a more personalized experience for users.

Credit: YogiFi

The first-generation AI Yoga mat was met with widespread acclaim and approval from members of the yoga community. Gen 2 is the product that the YogiFi Team has developed after taking into account a wide variety of other contemporary considerations.

Gen 2 includes a plethora of cutting-edge capabilities, one of which is increased posture tracking, which offers step-by-step guidance as well as real-time adjustments and feedback. People who want to have an engaging 1-on-1 session with trained coaches from all around the world may now do so through Gen 2, which has also succeeded in providing a human touch. The YogiFi mat now comes equipped with multi-workout monitoring and rep tracking, an activity record to reflect back on and learn, hands-free practicing with an Apple watch, and smart reports to assist you in making an informed decision.

Susan Kowal
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