Xiaomi 12S: The New Flagship Series is Launching Very Soon

Source: Xiaomi

We have known since last month that Xiaomi is working on the new 12S phone series. There will be three models for the new lineup: the standard 12S, the 12S Pro model, and the 12S Ultra version.

All three phones from the upcoming 12S series of Xiaomi will be flagship devices, and the Chinese brand has built itself a reputation as a phone manufacturer that brings high-quality smartphones at low prices. Thanks to GSMArena, we have plenty of information about the upcoming series of Xiaomi, including a release date. And it seems that the Chinese company is eager to keep applying the same recipe.

Xiaomi 12S launches on July 4

Xiaomi will launch its new 12S lineup of smartphones on July 4, which is the US Independence Day. The release date is confirmed by the Chinese brand itself, so there’s no reason to have doubts. This means that we have less than a week to wait for the devices to land on the market.

There’s no information for the moment about what the specs of the upcoming lineup will look like. But judging by the fact that we’re talking about flagship phones, they certainly will feature some impressive hardware capabilities.

In a pinned tweet about the upcoming 12S lineup of phones, Xiaomi tells us that they represent the new era of mobile photography:

Otherwise, Xiaomi has already been pretty active in 2022. It released the Redmi Note 9T model already, one that impresses mainly for its 5000mAh battery, Dimensity 800U processor of 7nm, a main camera setup of 48MP, and more. Despite these specs, it can be considered a low-budget phone, as it costs only about $217.

Therefore, we’ll just have to wait a few days more to find out exactly what Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro, and 12S Ultra are made of. We can safely assume that the cameras represent the main highlights.



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