Wondering How To Watch The Upcoming Movie XO, Kitty?

Source: Netflix

After the popular movies To All the Boys I Loved Before, the youngest sister, Kitty, is now set to play in her series, XO, Kitty. 

Xo, Kitty will be released on Netflix, and this is the schedule will be as follows:

  • 12 am PDT
  • 3 am EDT
  • 4 am Brazil
  • 8 am UK
  • 9 am Central European Summer Time
  • 12:30 pm India Standard Time
  • 5 pm Australia
  • 7 pm New Zealand

What Is XO, Kitty About?

According to Netflix:

Revolves around the teen matchmaker who moves halfway across the world to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend and soon realizes that relationships are a lot more complicated when it’s your own heart on the line.


What about the most loved couple, Lara Jean and Peter?

Source: Netflix

We all know that Kitty has started all the drama between Lara Jean and her anonim boyfriends by sending the letters, but after all this chaos, the ending was a good one with Lara Jean and Peter getting together. The pair survived all three movies with all the problems and breakups and decided to go through a long-distance relationship after they went to separate colleges.

Meanwhile, the answer is yes. The couple Lara Jean and Peter survived in XO, Kitty as Kitty confirms in the series. The less good part is that we won’t see their appearance in the show.

Here is the line when we can breathe free: the couple stayed together despite four years and 3,000 miles between them.

My sister, Lara Jean, was once in a fake relationship with her boyfriend, Peter. It’s actually kind of my fault, but then it eventually turned real, and they’re still together.

Everyone is excited to see Kitty’s story and start a new adventure with her. So, save your time because XO, Kitty is now available on Netflix!

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