Why Was TikTok Banned On Federal Governments Devices?

TikTok ban on gov devices
Credit: Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Isn’t it surprising what’s happening on the social playground nowadays?! Well, as a matter of fact, it could turn worse.

Let’s take the TikTok situation here. Most US federal government gadgets will no longer support TikTok. President Biden just signed a massive $1.7 trillion budget package that contained the proposal.

Discover the full story below and learn more about the decision.

TikTok is a Big No-No to US Government

After lawmakers approved a $1.7 trillion budget plan, TikTok would be banned on practically all smartphones provided by the federal government (ouch!).

So, what happened next?

The No TikTok on Government Devices Act (yes, it has a title!), which the Senate overwhelmingly adopted last week, was squeezed into the massive 4,155-page omnibus law by officials. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

There’s more.

Hear this out: the Senate approved the measure on December 22 by a vote of 68–29. Later on, it was adopted by the House on Friday by a vote of 225-201.

Moreover, in order to prevent a shutdown until the omnibus package arrived on his desk, the US President signed a temporary bill. Such a thing was necessary so that it financed the government for an additional week. That’s quite the deal, isn’t it?!

Finally, President Biden officially made the legislation law today (December 30, 2022).

Such harsh yet necessary decisions were taken based on some significant things. And that includes the way TikTok has made an effort to alleviate US senators’ worries that the software may be used for surveillance. How about that?!

All incoming traffic from the nation has been routed through domestically located Oracle servers since June. So, both TikTok and ByteDance promised to remove US user data from their respective servers located in Singapore and the US.

As previously said, the social playground has become quite strange, and sometimes drastic measures should be taken.

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