Why is Brown Fat So Important? New Research Explains

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New research highlights the importance of brown fat in our bodies. According to evidence, people with brown fat in their bodies are healthier.

That means people are less likely to experience a range of health conditions. Why is brown fat so important and other necessary details, the new research explains.

Here is what you need to know.

What is Brown Fat?

Brown fat (BAT) – also known as brown adipose tissue – is actually encountered at hibernating mammals and babies.

BAT is necessary because it aids mammals to control the temperature. Meaning that if you’re cold, the biggest amounts of mitochondria in BAT can burn energy and generate the heat you need. How cool is this?!

Also, the iron-rich mitochondria are responsible for the “brown” colour of this particular tissue. 

First significant discovery

Back in 2009, researchers found enough proof that only some adult humans have BAT, usually around the shoulders and neck. 

More studies followed, but the recent insights can show us why BAT is so important. 

What Should You Know

According to recent research, having brown adipose tissue seems to enhance people’s metabolism. It might also help some lose weight (more research is needed to prove this entirely).

“These findings make us more confident about the potential of targeting brown fat for therapeutic benefits,” explained the researchers.

The research involved 52,487 participants undergoing CT/PET scans for cancer check-ups. The results include only 10 % of BAT cases, which is 5,070 people.

However, researchers believe that the findings might not show the real numbers. The conditions people were under, avoiding exercise, caffeine, and cold exposure before the scans, were connected to BAT activity.

Moreover, approximately 4.6 % of people with BAT had type 2 diabetes. These represent the 9.5 % of no BAT category.

Coronary artery disease, hypertension, and congestive heart failure also brought modest positive differences in the BAT vs no BAT category.

Other significant details

While the results are exciting, there’s no proof yet that BAT can make you immune at certain conditions. We still need to find out where the link to reduced risk will take us.

What can you do to get more BAT?

Unfortunately, researchers don’t know yet what can we do to get more BAT. Their work, however, is truly fascinating, bringing a new look at the role of BAT in the human body. 


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