Where to Find Timber Pines in Fortnite and How to Knock Them Down

Source: Epic Games

Curious about where the timber pines are in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3? The timber pines are the newest environmental features you can use to walk across the water or damage your enemies.

We’ve compiled a cool guide of everything you need to know about timber pines, including how to knock down one with a Ripsaw Launcher and complete a weekly quest.

Timber Pines Locations on the Fortnite Map

The timber pines are just some pretty massive trees that you can easily find in Fortnite at various locations. The best areas to get across some trees are the ones covered in snow around Logjam Lotus.

Check out the following map for more timber pines locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3:

Source: Epic Games

TIP: go to the northwest part of the map (snow-covered part) to find most timber pines!

How to Knock Down a Timber Pine in Fortnite

Finding a timber pine in Fortnite is easy if you follow the instructions correctly. Now, the knocking down part is even easier!

Once you’ve come across a timber pine, take your pickaxe and start hitting the tree a few times. If you’re into more extreme stuff, you might well try shooting or exploding a timber pine. However, you might notice that such a thing can bring you a lot of trouble because you become really exposed!

Timber pines are massive trees, so you better be careful when taking one down as the tree will damage anything in its way. That means even you!

Moreover, if a timber pine is on a hill, it will roll down in that direction, taking down even more timber pines on its way. How cool is that?

Finding a timber pine in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 and taking it down is part of the newest set of weekly challenges that you can find here.

Stay tuned for more cool Fortnite news and tips!

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