Fortnite: Surveillance Footage Cameras at Bungalow Blooms Locations

Source: Epic Games

Curious about the surveillance cameras in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3? A new Vibin’ quest challenges players to find some surveillance footage cameras at Bungalow Blooms.

Fortnite Vibin’ Quests are pretty easy, and they’re great if you want to earn some sweet XP and level up in no time. But, what should you do when there’s a tricky quest? We’ve come up with a sleek guide on everything you should know, including the surveillance cameras on the map.

Bungalow Blooms Location in Fortnite

Source: Epic Games

Part 7 of Fortnite Vibin’ Quests is now available, challenging all players to find members of The Seven to get some intel on the strange events that happen across the Island. One of the quests might be tricky because it tasks you with finding surveillance cameras at Bungalow Blooms.

So, here’s what to do.

Unfortunately, Bungalow Blooms is not marked on the Fortnite map, making things a bit hard. However, you can easily find the location in the northeastern part of Condo Canyon!

Get a better look at the map to notice the purple Reality Tree, and you’ll find your Bungalow Blooms and complete the Vibin’ quest.

Surveillance Cameras in Fortnite: Location on the Map

Luckily, there are many surveillance footage cameras in Fortnite! They’re located around the edges of Bungalow Blooms, and you find them right away.

The surveillance cameras are also placed on tripods and glow with a white aura. How cool is that?

However, if you still find it challenging to complete the Vibin’ quest, check out the map below:

Source: Epic Games

And that’s all! You can spot the surveillance footage cameras on the Fortnite map quickly, and the quest will be really fun.

BONUS: try to circle the Bungalow Blooms building until you find all the surveillance footage cameras, then interact with them.

Stay tuned for more cool Fortnite news and tips!

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