When Will The Switch, PS4, And Xbox One Versions Of Hogwarts Legacy Be Released?

Credit: Hogwarts Legacy

This year sees the launch of Hogwarts Legacy on all of the main gaming platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, as well as Xbox One X. The game is an all-new adventure based in the history of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Hogwarts Legacy will be released on many platforms over a period of six months, which is in contrast to the standard practice of releasing all platforms at once.

Because the Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy comes with early access, the game’s release date(s) are much more ambiguous than they already were. There is a premium service that will allow you to play Hogwarts Legacy early.

The PS5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X versions of Hogwarts Legacy were released on February 10. Some people were able to start playing the Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy on February 7th, 72 hours before the standard release. On April 4, Potter fans with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One may get their hands on Hogwarts Legacy. When it comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions, there is no pre-release access period. On July 25, the Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts: Legacy will be available to purchase.

When will all platforms be able to play Hogwarts Legacy? In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  • Starting February 7th, you can get an early look at the Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe Edition (PC, PS 5, Xbox Series X)
  • On February 10th, the original version of Hogwarts: The Legacy will be released (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X)
  • Deluxe and regular Hogwarts Legacy editions release on April 4. (PS 4, Xbox One)
  • Standard and deluxe versions of Hogwarts: The Legacy will be released on July 25. (Nintendo Switch)

In addition, the lavish physical Collector’s Edition of Hogwarts Legacy will be available on February 7 for those who want to play the game ahead of schedule and are true Harry Potter aficionados. Hogwarts: The Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order for PS 5 and Xbox Series X for $299.99, and on PC for $289.99. The PS4 and Xbox One Collector’s Editions retail for $289.99 and will be released with the other last-gen console editions in April.

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