When is Warhammer The Old World Going to be Released?

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The following chapter, dubbed Warhammer: The Old World, marks Games Workshop’s return to the world of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles video game, which takes place in a period of time before the cataclysmic events that mark the End Times. We might totally see that happen sometime next year (fingers crossed!). It is also anticipated that the game would delve into the deep backstory and fascinating factions that players have grown to like in the Warhammer Fantasy series. How great!

What Can we Expect From Warhammer: The Old World?

Traditional Groupings

There is a good chance that Warhammer: The Old World will include well-known races and civilizations from the Old World, such as the Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarves, High Elves, Dark Elves, and maybe many more. Within the Warhammer Fantasy setting, these factions have a history that is both lengthy and illustrious.

Scenes From the Old World

The action of the game will take place in the Old World, which is an incredible fantasy continent that features a wide variety of environments, cultures, and racial groups.

Emphasis on the Story (as it should!)

The developer, Games Workshop, has stated that they want to give Warhammer: The Old World a significant emphasis on the narrative. This may result in a more narrative-focused experience, with campaigns and situations that add to the mythology of the Old World as a whole. Neat!

Rules That Are More Accurate

You should also prepare for changes to both the game’s rules and its mechanics. When Games Workshop publishes a new edition or product, the company frequently seizes the opportunity to improve and simplify Warhammer: The Old World’s rules.

Diverse Models and Miniatures

Along with the game itself, there will most certainly be a variety of new miniatures and models to choose from, just as there is with every other Warhammer release. These will be used to symbolize the many different groups and characters that exist throughout the Old World.

Commitment to the Community

Online platforms, in-person events, and competitions are some of the ways that Games Workshop has been more actively participating in the beloved community. It is expected that community-building initiatives will be undertaken simultaneously with the debut of Warhammer: The Old World.

Keep an eye on the official announcements made by Games Workshop, and make sure to check back here on our blog for the most recent updates!

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