When is the New Switch 2 Dev Kit Going to Launch; Fresh Leak Offers More Details

Olivier Raymond

The rumor mill is set ablaze again with Switch 2 / Switch Pro rumors, which is still great news. The leak may have originated from a studio in Spain. If the information that was leaked about the forthcoming Switch 2 dev kit can be verified, then an announcement might be on the horizon very soon. In particular, the leaker asserts that Nintendo will make the announcement regarding the Switch’s replacement this month! That would change so many things.

What are the chances of finally seeing the Switch 2? Let’s delve into more details and find out!

Possible Launch Date for the Switch 2 Dev Kit

It appears that Nash Weedle, a well-known source from the past, is the one who leaked the information about the Nintendo Switch 2 developer kit. In addition, they make the audacious assertion that a Spanish video game company is in possession of a Switch 2 dev kit at the moment. Many people have come to the conclusion that the business in question is definitely MercurySteam, which is located in Madrid.

What are your thoughts so far about the Switch 2 Dev Kit’s development?

MercurySteam itself has not released a thing, nor have they verified that they have a developer kit. It goes without saying that this is the case. What is the real reason for that? If they made such a claim in public, it would undoubtedly destroy their connection with Nintendo and would also violate the legally binding commitments that they have with them.

There are no images or tangible evidence of this purported development kit available at this time. However, the buzz on the internet today is over the roof. And a significant number of people are giving substantial credence to this idea.

Nintendo has never been an entity that buckles under strain, and they are fully aware enough to realize that they are the ones to inform us when it is the right moment for a new Switch console to be released.

As is customary, we have no choice but to treat these leaks and speculations with the skepticism they deserve. On the other hand, the most common assumption is that Nintendo will unveil the successor to the Switch console this month, in July 2023.

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