Joey Chestnut Hot Dog Champion Again: See the Amazing Result!

Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash

Joey Chestnut preserved his winning championship by eating 62 hot dogs and buns in only 10 minutes at the event on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. The men’s section of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest was delayed on Tuesday due to inclement weather. But you already know what they say: every Fourth of July brings another round of competitive hot dog eating, so they couldn’t just miss the event!

The previous year, Joey Chestnut won his 15th competition by consuming 63 hot dogs and buns in a single sitting. After eating a record-setting 76 hot dogs and buns in 2021, he became the global champion of the hot dog eating competition and was awarded the title. That is really incredible, right?

And it is not even the most incredible outcome! Miki Sudo, a woman who has won the competition eight times, now holds the record for the ladies with 48.5 hot dogs and buns. The score of 39.5 for hot dogs and buns earned Sudo first place in this year’s competition.

Can you guess the total number of calories that Joey Chestnut ate?

This year, Chestnut ate 62 hot dogs and buns, which would have resulted in an all-time high of 18,600 calories being ingested. The calories from the franks would have totaled 10,540, and the calories from the buns would have added another 8,060. As a result of eating 62 hot dogs during the course of the year, Chestnut’s overall consumption of fat was 992 grams, and his salt intake was 29,760 mg.

Competitors learn to expand and relax their stomachs in order to fit more food into their stomachs than regular eaters, who have stomachs that feel full after eating around a gallon or a gallon and a half’s worth of food. Regular eaters’ stomachs feel full after eating this amount of food. The stretching, on the other hand, does not continue endlessly. It is inevitable that some people will come out on the losing end of any competition; similarly, all competitive foodies will ultimately reach their capacity, after which they may not feel very well.

Lucian Niculae
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