When is One UI Watch 5 Beta Available? Another Delay Was Confirmed


Why are some things taking longer, well, sometimes you don’t know, right?! And that could probably be the case for One Ui Watch 5 Beta, too. Recently, Samsung unveiled One UI Watch 5, the newest version of Wear OS. But now the tech giant is somehow backing up with a beta version of the One UI Watch 5. The reason? Apparently, Samsung has undergone some high uncertainties.

The Galaxy Watch 6, which is most likely to make its debut in July, will feature the One Ui Watch 5, as Samsung made it clear a while ago.

Moreover, the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 will still have to wait a bit longer until a beta build is made available, even though Samsung hasn’t mentioned any modifications to the software that the Galaxy Watch 6 will use when it launches. What are the changes One UI Watch 5 is set to bring, and what kinds of features will it introduce? We’ve discussed this below.

One UI Watch 5 Features

The One UI Watch 5 is set to debut with quite the features! For example, we should expect some significant upgrades over the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series’ current iteration; some of the changes will be definitely meeting most users’ needs. Also, besides the fundamental modifications that are already included in Wear OS 4, One UI Watch 5 does come with something smooth and cool: it modifies a couple of Samsung’s well-liked features.

Remember this because it’s going to be legendary when it comes out! The emphasis on sleep management and health will shift a lot, which is a major adjustment we need in our lives. Practically, the goal of Samsung’s One UI Watch 5 is to somehow adopt and integrate a holistic approach via Sleep Insights and Sleep Coaching. This way, we’ll get some of the most “healthiest sleeping habits.”

Of course, the One UI Watch 5 will also feature customized heart rate zones for running activities.

Georgia Nica
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