What is the Cybertron Cannon in Fortnite Season 3 and Where Can You Find It?

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Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 4 gives you a chance to try your hand at some sleek new weapons. One such weapon is the Cybertron Cannon, called after the mythical city of Cybertron in the Transformers movies. That’s really awesome, isn’t it?! Whether you’re a Transformers fan or not, the Cannon will indeed look cool in your Inventory.

With the release of Season 3 in Fortnite, we get to run freely into the WILDS and explore new POIs on the Island, now Jungle-themed. What’s best is that this season’s update also includes the addition of some new, formidable weapons and pieces of equipment, you can’t miss out!

The Transformers collab, however, adds not only new skins but also a weapon inspired by Cybertron. The Cybertron Cannon is a fantastic, though Mythic-level weapon that can be discovered now on the Island.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: Where is the Cyberton Cannon?

The Cybertron Cannon can be found in Chests and as Floor Loot all over the Fortnite map; however, it appears to have a slightly higher spawn rate in the Rumble Ruins, Creeky Compound, and Shady Stilts, the three new Fortnite POIs.

BONUS: Just like the Riot Cannon from the Transformers series, the Cybertron Cannon is a powerful projectile weapon in Fortnite. It is good knowledge that Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, is proficient with this notorious weapon.

The Cybertron Cannon: How to Use It.

The Cybertron Cannon has a two-shot reload that requires you to hold down the ADS button. It fires a strong energy projectile that may do up to 110 damage on hit and is capable of demolishing buildings. Once the weapon has been fired, there is a 15-second cooldown before it may be fired again. Keep an eye out for it!

TIP: The weapon may be concealed in a stylish backpack until needed, then transformed back into a cannon in seconds.

The Cannon is a new Mythic weapon in Fortnite’s Season 3, Chapter 4 prize pool, and it deals a lot of damage to players.

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