Galaxy Watch’s Universal Gestures: How to Use Them Correctly


A new cool feature called Universal Gestures is available on the Galaxy Watch in the beta version of Wear OS 4 developed by Samsung. What’s great is how you can operate your Galaxy Watch via the cool Universal Gestures because it only takes a single motion to activate the function anytime needed. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

The Galaxy Watch’s Universal Gestures feature is particularly useful since it allows you to navigate the interface using muscle contractions instead of your finger.

Check out the specifics below.

The Galaxy Watch may be set to respond to motion in your arm after activation. You can perform any modifications, cancel without putting down one of our hands, and cross over menus.

What are your thoughts so far about Samsung Galaxy Watch’s development? What would you like to see next?

To begin, let’s get the facts right. You’ll need a Galaxy Watch 4 or 5 with One UI Watch 5 beta or the most recent version of Wear OS 4 for the Universal Gestures to function.

How to Activate the Universal Gestures?

The use of UG is really sleek and cool. Have a look down below to see how it works:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen on your Galaxy Watch (4 or 5) and then press the gear icon

  • Navigate to the settings menu and select Accessibility

  • Select Universal gestures, then tap the switch next to Interaction and dexterity

That’s all! These Universal Gestures are really shining, aren’t they?!

In conclusion, Universal Gestures on the Galaxy Watch is an excellent accessibility feature. Although there is always space for improvement, it serves its purpose after some getting used to it.

Also, give these gestures a shot:

  1. Shake your wrist twice – Activate Universal Gestures

  2. Pinch your thumb and index finger – Next item

  3. Double pinch Previous item

  4. Make a fist – Tap

  5. Make a fist twice – Open the action menu

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