What Are the Ranked Urgent Quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2?

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The Ranked Mode has just aired, thanks to the new Fortnite 24.40 update! There’s also a new set of tasks known as Ranked Urgent Quests that challenge all players. If you successfully complete enough of these quests, the rewards will definitely match your expectations and even more! Officially known as Ranked Season Zero, the first season of Ranked mode is now available.

Choose now to play this new competitive mode and earn the coolest rewards. Make sure you check out the following guide to find out more about what are the Ranked Quests.

Fortnite Ranked Quests in Chapter 4 Season 2

As soon as you exit the Battle Bus, watch out for these new Ranked Urgent Quests! These random quests are only available while you are still alive in the game (ouch!). Check them all out below:

  1. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (5)
  2. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (10)
  3. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (15)
  4. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (20)
  5. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (25)
  6. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (30)
  7. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (35)
  8. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (40)
  9. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (45)
  10. Complete Ranked Urgent Quests (50)
  11. Unlock all Ranked Rewards
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A fresh ‘mission’ will be available right when you tumble out of the Battle Bus in a new match after being eliminated and loading back into the lobby. As for the quests’ progress, that will automatically reset at that point. Now, let’s discuss rewards!

Full Rewards For Ranked Quests

Here are all the rewards you can earn after completing each Ranked Quest:

  • Get in the Ring Loading Screen
  • Banner Icon
  • GG Gnarly Emoticon
  • Purrpendicular Spray
  • Banner Icon
  • GG Gleam Emoticon
  • Shark Surfers Spray
  • Banner Icon
  • Knuckles Up Emoticon
  • Quad Squad Spray
  • Burn Bright Emote

Scroll down right to the Ranked option under the Quests menu to check out all these prizes and keep track of your advancement.

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