Web3 Stocks Metaverse Enthusiasts Should Invest in – Top 5!


Are you a Metaverse enthusiast who has plans to invest in related stocks? If so, here are top 5 Web3 stocks you should bet your money on – literally!

As you may or may not know, Web3/Web 3.0 Stocks are terms that refer to shares in publicly traded companies that are working within the Web3 space.

For instance, this space includes cryptocurrency companies as well as other tech-related companies like Unity Software, NVIDIA and others!

For all the Metaverse enthusiasts out there, Web3 offers two different investment options – equities and digital assets, allowing people to invest either passively via an index portfolio, or actively, by picking equities and assets.

Web3 stocks represent a certain ownership percentage of the company.

If this is your first time venturing in the world of investments, it is really important to know that there are two different types of stocks – common and preferred.

For instance, buying common stock allows you a right to vote within the company but also to get paid dividends.

Regardless of the type of stock you’re planning on going for, both of them can be bought safely from reliable brokerages like Interactive Brokers or Fidelity Investments, to name just a couple.

All you need to do is make an account on the website and you can start purchasing stocks immediately!

Now that you know more about how investing works, here are 5 of the best Web3 Stocks to invest in as soon as possible!

  1. Twitter (TWTR)

This popular social media platform with over 227 million active users has been increasing its presence within the Web3 space.

It’s managed to generate more than $5.229 B in revenue only last year, registering an incredible increase of 17.45% in earnings per year.

But that’s not all! The company has also launched a revolutionary function that allows users to tip content creators they follow in Bitcoin.

At this time Twitter Web3 stocks cost $43.99, the market cap being $33.66B!

  1. Apple (AAPL)

This innovative tech giant is undoubtedly super successful all around the world, having generated over than $365 billion in revenue.

As for its future, Apple is currently working on furthermore developing AR in order to blur the line between what’s real and what the virtual world.

They are also focusing on using Blockchain in order to better the security of iPhone’s hardware.

The AAPL Web3 stocks price is $171.52 at this time.


NVIDIA is actively working on being an integral part of this new era of decentralization as well, so it’s definitely worth investing in it.

And sure enough, many crypto “miners” use NVIDIA chips to complete many Blockchain-related tasks.

NVIDIA has also created the Omniverse as a way to officially step into Web3.

His company’s Q3 2021 results show a significant 50 percent increase in revenue, which amounts to about $7.1 billion.

This stock costs around $177 at the moment, with 2.5B shares outstanding.

  1. Unity Software (U)

Unity Software is behind many viral video games including Fall Guys and Beat Saber!

The current stock price for Unity Software is about $47.67, the market cap amounting to 14.231B.

  1. Block Inc (SQ)

This company is best known for creating Cash App, a successful platform with more than 44 million users per month.

Cash App allows clients to also purchase and sell bitcoin by simply transferring the currency into their digital wallet.

The Web3 stock costs around $74.36, the market cap amounting to $43.98 B.

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