Walking- a Big Help for Losing Weight and Keeping Fit

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Walking is an excellent way of having an active lifestyle. We can lose weight and stay fit without resorting to extreme diets or going to the gym daily. Balance and a healthy lifestyle are the things that help us in the long run. Walking is one of the most underestimated physical activities. Health experts estimate that 30 minutes of moderate-intensity walking burns around 150 calories.

Celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak recommends walking 12,000 steps a day

The fitness expert has been popular among many Hollywood celebrities. Famous stars ask for his help when they need to lose weight. In a recent article, Pasternak recommends waking 12,000 steps a day, explaining that it is a common practice in the top ten wealthiest countries globally. On the contrary, the daily step average in the US is 4,000 steps.

Walking – a must for a healthy lifestyle

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Besides helping with the weight loss process, walking has other health benefits. Studies concluded that walking could help decrease the level of bad cholesterol, it decreases our blood pressure, and it helps improve our mood. Therefore, it protects us from type 2 diabetes and reduces the risk of developing heart diseases.

How to start?

It might be difficult to buy a pedometer and start walking 12,000 steps at first. A great way to make sure we reach our daily goal is to include walking in our daily activities. For example, we can answer our work calls while we walk around our office. Parking our car farther away from the supermarket or walking to work is an excellent way of adding extra steps. Sometimes walking can be a great way of spending time as a family. Children enjoy outdoor activities, and it can be a great way of connecting with them and finding out how their day went by. Overall, walking does not have to be a tedious activity you must do on a treadmill

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