Videogames Might Force You To Take A Break If You Become Too Stressed

Credit: Jacinto Diego on Unsplash

Many individuals like playing video games as a form of relaxation because it enables them to immerse themselves in a narrative and environment, or merely concentrate on a particularly enjoyable activity or gameplay loop. Video games are currently played by a significant portion of the world’s population, however, not all of these gamers will have the same favorable reaction to gaming. Some gamers may find themselves at the end of a gaming session feeling annoyed or anxious, and they may not be able to pinpoint exactly when this happened.

This is an important aspect of video games since they are meant to evoke an emotional reaction from the player. A horror game, no matter how frightening and stressful, may still be fun since the player’s pleasure is the primary goal.

New patent

For video games, a new patent has been filed for an algorithm that might assist ensure that gamers are only experiencing pleasant emotional reactions. Monitors a person’s heart rate and compares it to their own baseline and stress-related patterns in the database. Stressful situations will be flagged and the player will be informed or perhaps requested to step away from the game. It will be tough for this system to tell the difference between the tension that players are supposed to experience and the stress that they aren’t.

Players may rapidly get bored and dissatisfied with the game’s constant PvP battles in multiplayer games. As soon as players begin to experience unpleasant feelings when playing a game, it might be difficult to tell the difference between it and suspense until after they have stopped playing. Stress-relieving moments are often included in games that have a solid sense of pace. In contrast to this, not all games have the ability to influence the player’s emotions. To help players recognize when their body reactions are indicating to them that they are no longer having fun, this invention might be effectively brought to life.


Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.