Unvaccinated People 11 Times More Likely to Die From SARS-CoV-2 Infection

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The Covid-19 pandemic is not likely to end soon, and, as a recent statement from WHO experts mentions, the virus will most likely continue to evolve and stay with us, much like the common cold or the influenza virus. At the same time, the FDA gave full approval for the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

Before the approval, some Americans remained skeptical regarding the emergency authorization of the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccine. However, many still chose to remain unvaccinated even after the full authorization, and recent CDC studies show that unvaccinated people are 11 times more likely to die from Covid-19 infections.

Worrying statistics connected to unvaccinated people

The study analyzed the incidence of Covid-19 infections, hospitalization rates, and death rates. The data revealed that unvaccinated people are ten times more likely to need hospitalization when infected, and they are eleven times more likely to die from the SARS-CoV-2 infection. In an effort to prevent even more outbreaks, the Biden Administration announced last week that a new vaccine mandate might be issued. The mandate would require all federal workers and contributors, and companies with more than 100 workers to get vaccinated or go through weekly testing.

All three vaccines used in the U.S are effective against hospitalizations and severe cases

The CDC has released another study in which the three vaccines used in the U.S have been analyzed in terms of effectiveness at preventing hospitalizations and E.R visits. The Moderna vaccine is 95% effective against preventing hospitalizations, and the Pfizer vaccine is over 89% effective. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is over 60% effective against hospitalizations and visits to emergency care units. Although fully vaccinated people might experience breakthrough infections, most of them will not require trips to the hospital or other types of treatments.

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