UK Medical Experts Issue Plea For COVID-19 Restrictions

Scientists Are Trying To Figure Out Why Long COVID Symptoms Are Disappearing For Certain Vaccinated Patients

The British Government has been urgently asked by UK medical practitioners to re-impose certain limitations on Covid, given the surge of infections and hospitalisation in the state.

Health officials cautioned late Tuesday that if the government fails to implement its Plan B, it is probable that the UK will reinforce Covid’s restrictions when statistics show that the National Health Service may be subjected to unsustainable pressures.

Representatives of institutions throughout the UK in health coverage at the NHS  issued a statement requesting the authorities to implement measures such as mandatory facial cover in clustered spaces without delay in order to maintain the people’s good performance and prevent the NHS from being overloaded this winter.

They alerted that at the moment that the National Health Service is trying to prepare for a busy summer, its employees are near burnout and that it is anticipated to recuperate many of its services that have been interrupted by the pandemic, there are distressing growths in coronavirus instances in hospitals and in the community.

The United Kingdom presently has 40,000 to 50,000 new Covid cases a day, with a continuing increase in hospitalizations and mortality, however with Covid vaccinations at a far lower rate than previously, the danger of serious infection, hospitalization, or death is significantly decreased.

On July 19th, when bars, restaurants, and nightclubs opened again, Covid prohibitions were abolished in England. Besides public transit, mask wear has also become primarily a matter of personal choice.

Under Boris Johnson’s rule, Covid restrictions and possible lockdowns were earlier stated that they would only be reintroduced as a final option and that the country should learn how to cope with the virus.

What may make matters tougher is a new delta mutation, which is carefully watched by UK specialists. It remains to see whether this version is more dangerous.


Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.