Tower Of God: New World – How to Redeem New Codes?


Are you curious about the new features that have been added to Tower of God: New World? You should get started digging since there is a good deal there. There is also a new code available for you to use in Tower of God: New World, which will allow you to improve your experience while playing the game and, of course, discover new content. Have a look at it down below!

We’ve put up an in-depth mini-guide that covers all you need to know about Tower of God: New World, so you can be sure that nothing important will slip your mind.

Working Tower Of God: New World Code

The following is the most recent code that may be utilized in Tower of God: New World at this time:

  • GODOFGSIK – Enter into [Promo] option.

You may get more codes by following the official Facebook page of the game or by joining the Discord server. The best place to look for fresh codes is on the developer’s social media platforms, as this is where they most frequently release new codes.

Instructions for Redeeming the Codes

Follow this simple step-by-step instruction if you’re not sure how to redeem the codes in Tower of God: New World:

  • Access Tower of God: New World.
  • Tap your profile photo after you have entered the main menu.
  • To adjust the settings for your profile, use the cog symbol that is located in the lower right corner.
  • To input the code, you need to click the yellow ‘input Code’ button in the middle of the screen.
  • Choose either ‘TOG Coupon Registration’ or ‘[Promo]TOG Coupon Registration’ from the drop-down menu. It is possible that a code will work on the other system even if it does not function on the first.
  • The ‘Confirm’ button is the yellow button.
  • You should look for your goodies in the in-game inbox.

The popular webtoon and anime Tower Of God has been adapted into this cool role-playing game (RPG) called Tower Of God: New World. Twenty-Fifth Bam, a young guy, is the protagonist of this tale. He is the one who ventures into the mysterious tower in order to track his long-lost comrade.

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