New Research: Obesity Linked to Your Genetic Code, Not Just Diet and Exercise

National Cancer Institute via Unsplash

Using information obtained from the United Kingdom Biobank, a group of researchers discovered that obesity is not only a question of diet and exercise. The truth of the issue is that it could be a part of a genetic makeup. As part of the research, a comparison was made between the data collected from individuals who had two defective copies of a certain gene (SMIM1) as opposed to those who weren’t carrying the two faulty forms.

It’s an actual gene, rather than just a genomic locus with a mutation somewhere where we don’t understand. We think we’re looking at a gene here that we can further study, explained Dr. Philipp Scherer, director of the Touchstone Diabetes Center at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

According to the the study, this specific genetic discovery does not apply to a big population of individuals who are obese. However, the new data also highlights the fact that around one in every five individuals had this genetic composition. As a result, the researchers made the observation that there are is a significant number of individuals who would be walking around with that mutation, without actually knowing that there is a genetic basis for their issue with obesity.

To be fair, i is not only an issue of determination or procrastination when it comes to weight. Both the size and form of your body are controlled by a variety of circumstances, including as the amount of sleep you receive, the medication you take, the lifestyle choices you make, and the health issues you have. In some instances, you may have some control over these factors, while in other instances, you simply do not. We are constantly hopeful that we may get further insights into the subject, considering that research into genetic variables and potential therapies is still ongoing at this time.

It is essential that we provide support for the work of researchers by increasing awareness about the issue that they devote all of their efforts to.

Georgia Nica
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