When to Evolve Your Pokemon in Pokemon GO – Full Guide, Pros & Cons


In Pokemon, the term “evolution” refers to an incredible gameplay mechanism that takes place once a Pokemon has fulfilled the necessary conditions to undergo a transformation. The majority of Pokemon are able to evolve when they gain levels; however, there are other Pokemon that are unable to evolve. However, here’s the thing: evolution works a little bit differently in Pokemon GO than it does in other games. The procedure is quite challenging, and it will demand you to perform to the best of your abilities.

We’ve created a smart guide on how to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Go, including the most useful tips & tricks.

How to Evolve in Pokemon GO

If you put in enough time and effort, evolving in Pokemon Go will seem completely natural to you. After that, Candy may be used to give a Pokemon more power, teach it its first Charged Attack, or even evolve it. Here’s how you can evolve your Pokemon:

Tap the Poke Ball symbol to access the primary menu in the game.
Choose your Pokemon by clicking on the symbol.
If you tap one of the Pokemon, you will be sent to the summary page for that Pokemon. If a Pokemon has the ability to evolve, the necessary number of Candies will be displayed next to the “Evolve” option. That’s really helpful!

TIP: If a Pokemon has extra evolution criteria, you can view what you need to accomplish in order to fulfill those requirements by touching the dropdown arrow that is located below the “Evolve” icon.

In Pokemon GO, you will obtain Candy whenever a Pokemon is successfully captured. And if you give the Pokemon a Pinap Berry or Silver Pinap Berry to eat, you may easily increase that amount by a factor of two. It is without a doubt that the game features lots of timed events, all of which require your attention since they will temporarily increase the Candy Rate by a factor of two or even three.

Other ways to evolve a Pokemon include performing Buddy Tasks or going on Adventures with the Pokemon you have as a companion. Certain environmental factors are necessary for the evolution of certain species.

Pros and Cons of Evolving in Pokemon Go

Everything in Pokemon Go comes with its perks. Although the choice is ultimately up to you, it is widely accepted wisdom that Pokemon GO trainers should only evolve their Pokemon in the event that they are attempting to complete the Pokedex.


Once a Pokemon has undergone its initial evolution, an entry for it will be recorded in the Pokedex. Players may earn additional medals and accomplishments by completing pages in the encyclopedia (Dex).

It is only via the process of evolution or under extremely precise conditions, such as by trading, that one may get certain Pokemon.

Once a Pokemon has evolved, its Combat Power (CP) will often increase as a result of this change. The “level” of a Pokemon in GO is analogous to CP in that it serves a similar purpose.


There are situations in which it is more beneficial to master a Charged Attack prior to developing the Pokemon. And this can require a significant investment of both time and labor.

It is possible that a Pokemon’s Fast Attack and Charged Attack will change once it has evolved.

When you try to evolve an excessive amount of the same species at once, you might soon use up all of your Candy.

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