Niantic Is Taking Action Against Pokémon GO Cheaters

Credit: Anton, Pexels

Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon GO, has stated that it would be implementing additional anti-cheating techniques in order to address breaches of the terms of service. Despite the fact that the game is being played by millions of people across the world, Pokémon GO has been experiencing some difficulties as of late. This has included reverting adjustments that were done during the Covid-19 epidemic that assisted in making the game more accessible for users, as well as addressing an extensive problem with cheating.

Although cheating might cause problems for other players, the earliest so-called cheats in Pokémon GO were really fan programs that were created to fix a large number of the game’s early flaws and malfunctions. Pokévision is one of these fan apps, and it was the one that rectified the glitchy version of the Nearby Tracker in Pokémon GO. However, substantial instances of cheating and botting have emerged as a problem in recent years, reaching worrying proportions by the middle of 2017. Niantic made a significant effort in the year 2020 to eradicate cheating by investing in innovative technology that might locate and penalize those responsible for the offense. Unfortunately, these attempts often had unintended consequences, and they prevented a great number of Pokémon enthusiasts from accessing their accounts.

Niantic has issued an official press release in which it details the new and enhanced anti-cheat methods that the business has implemented for Pokémon GO. Niantic tackles the most troubling concerns, claiming that progress has been made in more effectively detecting true cheats.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to improve our methods and processes to ensure we’re staying ahead of any new behaviors that allow players to unfairly exploit game rules.

Niantic is making attempts to increase discipline in all of its games and is presently taking a stand against a number of users that have broken company standards. As a result of Niantic’s improved ability to detect cheats, the business is also taking steps to ramp up enforcement. Niantic has stated that it would penalize cheaters in a regular and continuous manner, rather than in waves, as a last point of discussion. The company has reassured gamers that this is merely the first stage in the enforcement of its new approach.

Susan Kowal
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