Top Tips on How to Become a Better FIFA Player


Regardless if you play FIFA 22, FIFA 20, FIFA 15, or even an older version, it can be pretty difficult to master the game. But nothing is impossible in the world of gaming, especially if you’re dedicated to such a football simulation game. And the FIFA series is known for causing serious addiction!

First and foremost, you must keep in mind that not all FIFA games are the same, and the latest titles in the series are not necessarily the best ones. Many FIFA fans have their own favorite game of the series: some say that FIFA 17 was the best, others bet their money on FIFA 22, others say that FIFA 20 was horrible, and so on. That’s why it’s up to YOU to start playing as many FIFA games as possible and decide for yourself which one suits your desires the most!

However, we’re here to present some simple gameplay principles that apply to pretty much all FIFA games. They apply to football in general. So let’s get going with the principles that we’ll be mentioning in random order:

Get yourself some good attackers

Having good strikers and wingers is crucial in FIFA games, as they can grab you the win in a game. Don’t fall for the old thing that attack is just as important as the defense. In many situations in FIFA games and in life, in general, the attack is the best defense.

That’s why we’re strongly recommending you to get some great attackers in your team that reach an overall rating of at least 75-78. They’ll sure cost you some money if you’re playing in the Career Mode, but hey, we promise you that it shall be worth it!

If you have to ‘park the bus,’ go for counterattacks!

You know that moment when the opponent is overwhelming your team with possession and attacks from all sides? That’s when you have no other choice but to ‘park the bus,’ meaning to keep most of your players not far from their own square. But as soon as you intercept the ball, don’t just smash it as high in the air as possible like most players would do. That’s because you want to be better than that! Instead, the best way of handling such a situation is to opt for short passes and long runs. In other words: do your best to counterattack your opponent! He’s certainly weak at that point. Having his entire team in your own half and widely developed will make him vulnerable to a good counterattack.

Prioritize short passes instead of long ones

It’s not a bad idea to go for a long pass if you have a high-quality midfielder in your team such as Kevin De Bruyne. But you should always prioritize short passes as much as you can! They can even confuse the opponent if you do them right and fast.

Don’t neglect the defense

Remember when we said that the attack is the best defense? Indeed, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t need some good defenders and a good goalkeeper on your team! Any great team has great players in all areas of the field.

If your budget is not too high during the Career Mode, you should at least buy a good goalkeeper and a good central defender for your squad. It’s best to also get a defender that’s fast, not one that just has good tackling skills. Sometimes, these players can make all the difference in a match.

EA announced that FIFA 23 will be their last game under the current designation, but also the best one. After that, the series will be called EA SPORTS FC.


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