Top Plot Twists That Just Have to Happen in Dragon Ball Super When the Anime Returns


Dragon Ball Super will surely return to the big screens sooner or later. The continuation of the manga version is a strong enough argument that it’s only a matter of time until the anime version comes back as well.

The manga version of Dragon Ball Super has been full of exciting stuff going on. Goku, Vegeta, and the others had a lot of trouble battling Planet Eater Moro, a diabolical fiend who used to absorb energy from entire planets to become stronger. But of course, the forces of good were there to pose enough resistance, and the Granolah arc came after that.

Granolah is an alien who’s planet was destroyed by the Saiyans a long time ago. The guy desperately wanted revenge against Vegeta, and Goku also stepped in. There’s no telling how the arc will end, but surely a lot more exciting action will come next after it.

Let’s see what top possible plot twists are most wanted in Dragon Ball Super when the anime returns “from the ashes”:

Make Gohan great again!

Gohan is the son of the legendary Goku, and he just has to become as strong as possible. Piccolo trained him even in Super, but Gohan is clearly nowhere near Ultra Instinct Goku or Ultra Ego Vegeta. Gohan also performed pretty well at the Tournament of Power, as he even got the respect of Beerus. But even so, Gohan deserves to be more under the spotlight. He needs to be the hero of an arc once more, as he was when he was a child and fought Cell. Such a glorious performance seems to have been long forgotten by the writers., but surely the fans want to see Gohan shine again.

Frieza becoming a major villain once again

Back in the Dragon Ball Z anime, Goku battled Frieza in a record-breaking 19 episodes. It was the longest fight in Dragon Ball history. Frieza was the most powerful foe Goku ever had to face at that time, and the evil tyrant also “helped” Goku reach the very first Super Saiyan transformation. Frieza has no morals whatsoever, and he won’t hesitate to break any rule to achieve his evil goal.

Frieza clearly deserves to be under the spotlight once more, especially because Beerus has fully restored him to life after the participation in the Tournament of Power arc. Frieza didn’t hesitate to announce that he’ll be up to no good, and let’s not forget that deep down he’s desperately willing to have his revenge on Goku. Not only that the “Saiyan monkey”, as Frieza likes to call him, defeated the former intergalactic tyrant in battle. Goku also killed Frieza in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Super.

We’re all craving to see Frieza shine again in his dark glory!

Goku vs. Vegeta – a real battle!

Goku had sparred with Vegeta several times in Dragon Ball Super – when they were training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber or even in the last episode of the anime. But nothing compares to the two major battles the Saiyans had before back in the day of the Dragon Ball Z anime. The first one occurred when Vegeta was pure evil and he came to Earth to destroy it along with everybody else. The second battle happened when the two warriors were Super Saiyans. The second battle was more interesting, as the two fighters were a lot stronger. Seeing the clash between two Super Saiyans at that time was simply amazing! A Super Saiyan was considered one of the strongest warriors in the Universe. When Goku first became a Super Saiyan while fighting Frieza, the intergalactic tyrant had trouble matching the strength of his opponent. However, a Super Saiyan is nowhere near a Super Saiyan Blue or the Ultra Instinct technique when it comes to raw strength.

But how about a serious battle between Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta? That would surely be ground shaking! And yes, every Dragon Ball fan from the Multiverse hopes to see such a confrontation! When Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct technique against Jiren in the Tournament of Power, he was a few hundreds of times weaker than the same technique is in the Moro or in the Granolah saga. Goku even managed to master the Ultra Instinct form in the meanwhile, even though he was having trouble at first in maintaining the technique.

Less involvement from the gods

Let’s face it: watching Goku or Vegeta get into trouble while knowing that Beerus, Whis, or Zeno are always there to save them just in case releases a lot of the tension. And tension is a good thing in such animated shows! It creates the whole excitement!

And the idea of Goku having Zeno at his disposal with a press of a button is just infuriating! Zeno is the ultimate deity, as he can erase entire universes with ease if he wants to!

It’s been more than three years since the first season of Dragon Ball Super ended. In March 2018, the animated show ended in big glory, leaving the window open for plenty of possible continuations. Even the narrator himself confirmed in the last episode that the Dragon Ball Super anime will come back one day.

When do you think Dragon Ball Super comes back? What would you like the most to see happening in the show?

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