Top GTA San Andreas Characters Tier List

Credit:, Saad Chaudhry
Credit:, Saad Chaudhry

GTA San Andreas (GTA SA) doesn’t need any kind of presentation anymore. If you’re familiar with the concept of open-world gaming, surely you’ve heard and were impressed already with what GTA San Andreas has to offer.

GTA SA was released back in 2004, and it was amazing for its time. It brought an extraordinary variety of gameplay elements that were perhaps never seen before. But the even weirder part is that now, at 18 years after its release, GTA SA still has fantastic gameplay. It’s hard to find a title nowadays that offers more diverse and exciting gameplay than GTA SA. If you want gang wars, police missions, pimp missions, paramedic missions, taxi missions, and a lot more, GTA SA is the game to play!

We revealed in a recent article a list of mods for GTA San Andreas. Now we want to present you a tier list of characters from the famous game, and it’s brought from


Carl Johnson (aka CJ) is the first in the tier list, all the way in the S-Tier. This is perhaps the most expected move, as we’re talking about the protagonist of the game himself. CJ has gone a long and difficult road from his initial status as just a young and rebellious guy from the ghetto up to becoming a top gangsta.

The presence of Big Smoke in the S-Tier is also interesting, considering that he has betrayed his old friend CJ after uniting with the Ballas. Big Smoke was one of the good guys at first, being faithful to the Grove Street Families. But slowly, he became greedy for fortune and fame.

Feel free to comment on the tier list and tell us if you agree with it or not!

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