GTA San Andreas Mods: Which Ones to Choose in 2022

Credit:, Saad Chaudhry
Credit:, Saad Chaudhry

We’re in 2022, in case you didn’t find out, but GTA San Andreas still has a lot of fans for a game released 18 years ago. And we must say out loud that the game deserves the best!

GTA SA stands out for offering an incredible variety of gameplay elements for the players to enjoy. Once you progress throughout the game, you can make Carl Johnson (aka CJ) become a taxi driver, a paramedic, a house robber, a cop, a pimp, and more!

Although, in general, nothing beats the original, there are many GTA SA mods that deserve attention.  Many of them exist to make the graphics of the game better, and we all have to admit that GTA SA is obsolete when it comes to this criterion alone.  But hey, what could you possibly expect from a game released in 2004?

Thanks to, we know about a few amazing mods that are worth trying in 2022 in GTA San Andreas, and we’re glad to present them below. The mods are compatible with the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, which is great. GTA SA was remastered in 2021.

GTA SA – Project Texture Overhaul

As you’ve already guessed from the title, this mod brings new and real textures, some even being of 4K resolution. However, it seems to only be available for the definitive edition of the game. Everything looks a lot better as you try the game, but you know what they say that looks aren’t everything! However, it’s sure worth giving the mod a try!


Simple Reticle

Some people had been complaining about the usual weapon reticle from the game, and others decided to fix the problem. The “Simple Reticle” mod adds a simple dot instead of the old reticle, which is a smart move for those who wanted a little bit more space.


The Uncompressed Sounds of Grand Theft Auto

This mod is available for all of the games present in the GTA Trilogy. What it does is that it restores uncompressed and high-quality sound effects from all those games. It’s also worth mentioning that the mod restores some radio stations from GTA San Andreas.


GTA San Andreas deserves all praise it gets even today, and we would be happy to know about your own opinions regarding the mods presented here!



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