Top Football Kodi Addons to Use for Watching Your Favorite Matches

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If you’re also a fan of football matches, you’ve made it to the right place. Top championships, as well as European competitions, are currently unfolding, and the betting agencies are teeming with those who are eager to predict the results and earn some cash.

You can also use Kodi Addons to stream and watch live the football matches of your favorite teams. That’s why we’re here to provide help with a list:

Rising Tides

With the Rising Tides Kodi addon, not only those who are into football can watch their favorite matches. If you need to take a chill pill after a long day at work and enjoy basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, or some other kind of sport, Rising Tides has it covered for you!

You can also choose either one of a few different categories: Live Football, Extra Live Contents, Sports Channels, and Live PPV Events.

Fights on Demand

Fights on Demand is one of the newer Kodi addons when it comes to sports. However, getting your hands on it isn’t difficult. You can find Fights on Demand in the Narcacist Repository.

As you probably already guessed, Fights on Demand is mostly about fighting. You can find boxing matches and MMA here. There are plenty of interesting sections included, as you can use the addon to find the latest UFC MMA /Replays, MMA replays, UFC PPV, Non-Debrid UFC replays, UFC Fight Nights, and a lot more.

Sportowa TV

Those willing to watch quality sports can do so through Sportowa TV if they live in the US or Europe. Sportowa TV is actually a fork of the SportsDevil addon, which is very popular.

Sportowa TV is also pretty similar to Raising Tides to some degree, but at the same time, it will also make you notice if a link becomes ready. This Kodi addon surely makes a splash as soon as you start using it!


ESPN also has a nice offer. It has numerous categories, and it’s even updated regularly. There are numerous different channels and sports available via ESPN, although you will likely need someone to show you the ropes first when you give this Kodi addon a try. You can use ESPN to watch sports such as football, ice hockey, baseball, basketball, cricket, and more.


LiveNot is not limited to only football and other sports. You can use this addon to also watch content such as Music, Kids, Religious, Movies, Entertainment, News, Cooking, Documentaries, French, Australian, 24/7, and much more.

Therefore, LiveNet not only helps you watch your favorite football matches. It can also help you learn how to cook, expand your general knowledge, see a great movie, and much more. A pretty tempting offer, wouldn’t you say?

Apex Sports

If you need another addon for streaming live sports, you also shouldn’t neglect Apex Sports. This is one of the best add-ons for sports, and it provides links to the sporting events that you need. You can choose what you wish from categories such as Live Sport, Highlights, Live TV, Replays, and Tools.

Mad Titan Sports

As in the case of other addons in this list, Mad Titan Sports is also not only about football. You can even find wrestling matches by using it, but that’s not all. Mad Titan Sports can also be used for hockey, basketball, PPV, and much more. We’re also talking about a new sports-centric addon that’s compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix.

By using a Kodi addon to watch your favorite matches, you practically kill two birds with one stone: you watch a good match and get used to how some top-quality addons work!

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