Top 5 Fan Favorite Girl Fortnite Skins

Credit: Epic Games

The skins for Fortnite have been flooding in. New clothes have been added to the game on a regular basis ever since it was released. As a result, the Fortnite community keeps coming back to the game over and over again.

 Lara Croft

As part of the Gaming Legends Series, the British archaeologist made her way into the game. Due to her role as the heroine of the Tomb Raider video game series, Lara Croft has achieved international recognition. Lara Croft’s Battle Pass outfit was the first of its type, and it cost 950 vbucks.

Introduced in Season 6, the skin could be obtained at level 15 in the Battle Pass along with Chapter 2 Season 6. Three alternative edit styles were also available for the cosmetic.

Rey Skywalker

Chapter 2 Season 1 brought Rey Skywalker to the game. Rey is part of the New Trilogy collection and can be acquired from the Item Shop for 1500 V-bucks, an excellent result of the Fortnite X Star Wars cooperation.

Only a few female heroes from the Star Wars universe have made it into the game, including Rey. The lightsaber from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is also available in Fortnite. May 4th, which is Star Wars Day throughout the globe, is a good time to see these kinds of collaborations.

Ariana Grande

There is no need for an introduction to this pop star. Ariana Grande, who is a Fortnite player, was exposed to the game during her headlining Rift Tour show. In a matter of hours, Fortnite’s renown skyrocketed after a one-of-a-kind event.


One of the best skins because of her shape-shifting abilities. The ability is available as an emote, however it can only be used with her attire. It’s one of the most sought-after cosmetic products in Fortnite’s pay-to-win marketplace.

Harley Quinn

In Chapter 2 Season 1 of the game, the iconic Gotham City inhabitant makes her appearance. The outfit is part of the DC line and costs 1500 V-bucks in the Item Shop. With her huge fan base, she has been given a larger role in the game.

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