Top 5 Drawing Software for PC and Mac You Can Download for Free


Drawing software are super useful for digital artists, civil engineers or architects!

However, some of the best ones out there are quite pricy, which might be a little discouraging for those who are just starting out.

It’s possible that you wish to learn the basics, practice already established skills, or just test out an app before deciding to upgrade to the premium version or not.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place!

This guide features some of the best drawing software for your Windows or Mac computer that you can download right now, for free!

  1. Artweaver

This software lets you create impressive digital paintings really easily thanks to the super intuitive interface that makes it perfect for beginners.

That being said, Artweaver is just as useful to experienced artists.

A variety of different brushes and settings are available, allowing for skill building.

  1. Krita

Krita is an open-source painting software and just like all other examples on this list, it’s free to download!

The intuitive interface makes it easy to learn for beginners with little to no effort.

Krita also offers a number of useful tools, some basic, some more advanced, including brushes, pencils, erasers, pens, color gradients and many others!

It is compatible with Windows but also with Linux and OSX.

  1. Gimp

Another open source painting program, GIMP is popular for offering photo manipulation options as well.

And, of course, it’s free but handy whether you’re just starting out or are already quite advanced.

The many useful tools you’ll have access to make painting using Gimp really easy and thanks to the available filters, you will be able to edit pictures and create the most impressive drawings with little to no effort.

Users can also resize, crop and add effects or text to pictures using this program and the easy to use drawing tools will allow you to create all kinds of designs or sketches in a short amount of time!

  1. Inkscape

Another great drawing software, Inkscape has a modular interface which means it’s really easy to use no matter your skill level.

Furthermore, it offers a number of different customization options and comes with advanced features meant for illustration, typography and graphic design.

Inkscape also supports transparency so you can make any shape transparent to see other shapes drawn on a below or above layer.

In fact, this program is so advanced that you can even use it to animate objects across many different frames.

  1. Microsoft Paint 3D

The last entry on our list allows you to make 3D models and create animations but if you’re just starting and those features sound too advanced, you’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of templates to choose from as well!

The templates are not only useful for beginners to learn and practice but they are also fun features if you’re struggling with inspiration from time to time.

All in all, this software is super easy to use and provides a simple, straightforward interface that features several great tools like pencils and a variety of brushes.

The many color options mean you can paint pretty much anything, no matter how complex.

One of the options also allows users to import pictures and change them into something else.

Ionela Ghergus
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