Best Android and iOS To-Do-List Apps


To get things done quickly and effectively, you need a good to-do-list app for your phone and other devices.

Whether you own an iOS or an Android, the following apps will help you stay on track and get things done no matter how busy you are and no matter where you are!

Since you’ll have a trusty to-do-list on your phone, you’ll be able to check it anywhere, at any time without having to carry a planner with you at work or while doing all kinds of errands.

Not to mention that an app comes with a variety of other useful options like reminders, that will make keeping up with your schedule much easier.

Furthermore, you can choose out of the following options the one that best fits your needs and taste.

  1. Taskade

This app is great due to the fact that it allows for the creation of multiple lists.

You can also set due dates and even attach reminders to different tasks so you never miss any deadlines!

Syncing your lists across different devices is easy as well since Taskade is available on both iOS and Android.

It even features an extensive keyboard shortcut system that you can easily access by simply long pressing the task title in your to-do list.

All in all, while a simple app overall, Taskade comes with a number of powerful features that are more than enough for users to organize all their plans.


Another powerful to-do list app, comes with many useful features including setting priorities, creating tasks, attaching files, adding notes and due dates, checking notifications on the home and lock screens and more!

To make tracking events and tasks even easier, this app also syncs with Google Calendar.

The interface is really simple and easy to use, allowing users to do helpful things like dragging steps around to place them in any order or swiping steps off the list as soon as they’re done with them.

  1. Microsoft To-Do

One of the best to-do-list apps out there, Microsoft To-Do is a great choice whether you need it to plan your day at home, on vacation, or at work!

It allows users to set deadlines, add items to the list, attach files, and more!

And since it’s integrated with Office 365, you can also synch all your tasks with Outlook.

In fact, this app is especially useful since it syncs across of your devices which means you won’t need a separate app for every single device you own.

  1. Google Task

The last app on our list is already integrated with Gmail which means you will be able to send a task from your e-mail to your to-to-list without any effort.

Not only that but it syncs with your desktop as well, allowing you to work on tasks wherever it’s more comfortable, switching between the two without having to worry about missing anything.

Furthermore, Google Tasks lets you set reminders for yourself, further ensuring that you’ll never forget anything.

Whenever someone adds something to your calendar or responds to an e-mail, you’ll get notified as well, with a little setup.

All in all, Google Task is a simple app but it does its job well.

Ionela Ghergus
Ionela Ghergus has been writing for multiple publications since graduating university in 2015. She strongly believes learning is a lifelong process so she has many interests and knowledge about a variety of topics she loves to share through her product reviews and guides. She is especially passionate about technology and how it constantly transforms the world we live in, which is why covering tech news and compiling best gadget lists is currently her biggest focus as a journalist.