TikTok Has a Strong and Surprising Message for Its Numerous Users

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TikTok grew in popularity tremendously in recent years, reaching over 1 billion users across more than 150 countries. The platform focuses mostly on videos, and they come from different categories: comedy, memes, food, gaming, sports, and so on.

According to The Times of India, TikTok has revealed an important, strong, and surprising message for its numerous users – the platform’s representatives say that the users should find other activities rather than scrolling through the app all day and making videos for it. That’s indeed a quite altruistic claim coming from one of the world’s most popular social platforms!

TikTok introduces some tools to support the well-being of users

The good news is not over, as TikTok also aims to bring some tools aiming to support the digital well-being of users. Here’s how the company justifies the move:

We hope these new digital well-being tools continue to support our community in fostering a positive relationship with TikTok. We will continue to invest in protecting the well-being of people so that our community can feel in control of their TikTok experience and empowered to express their creativity, make meaningful connections and enjoy culture-defining entertainment.

Those tools are setting break reminders while watching videos, a screen time dashboard, as well as reminders for TikTok users that are aged from 13 to 17 years old.

The first tool, for instance, is designed to limit the users’ experience while watching videos on TikTok. During a single watching session, the user will have the chance to set break reminders. In other words, he can limit his own TikTok experience by setting a time limit and allowing a prompt to appear and telling him that it’s time to take a break at some point.

TikTok has been downloaded over 3 billion times, and you can find it on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.


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