This is Why Modern Crops are So Important: Saving Lives and More


A recent study highlights the significance of modern crops. The lives of 3 to 6 million babies a year can be saved, and that’s not all.

The news sure does bring us peace of mind at the end of one of the most violent years in the last decade.

Here is what you need to know.

Saving Lives with Modern Crops: What Should You Know

The recent study covered a significant period, from the 1960s, when modern crops were first introduced into the developing world to 2000. 

Researchers included mortality rates of over 600,000 children across 37 developing regions. Also, they needed to put in the mix public health surveys of mothers with geospatial crop data.


The findings are genuinely intriguing. Over that period, there is an average decline in infant mortality rates from 2.4 to 5.3 %. There are also included more significant drops in mortality amongst male babies in poorer households. 

According to the study, an essential portion of the decline in precipitate infant deaths in the developing areas can be put down to higher-yielding crops. Such a thing is actually a big thing for countries that are still underdeveloped and where huge improvements are so much needed.

Economist Gordon McCord released a statement discussing how important are the modern crops. He stated:

“From the policy perspective, government support for inputs leading to a green revolution as well as investments in extension and R & D programs are important.”

Rice, wheat, and maize are now considered the most needed crops. And the pros of enabling improved varieties of these crops can lead to enormous gains for many regions.

What’s Next

Researchers discussed using current data to put premature mortality rates down even more. For instance, growth in modern adoption from 0 to 50 % at a worldwide level could bring a drop rate of 33-38 deaths/1,000 babies. 

However, further studies could bring more insights, but we should except only positive results.

Georgia Nica
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