This is How You Mod a Vehicle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Source: Epic Games

Modding a vehicle in Fortnite is currently highly promoted, besides actually driving the battle bus or flying some Jetpacks.

How important is it to mod a vehicle, and how can you do that to complete one of the Prowler’s challenges?

We’ve compiled a sleek list of everything you need to know, including the easiest ways to mod a vehicle in Fortnite.

What Does Modding a Vehicle Means in Fortnite Anyway?

Modding a vehicle in Fortnite is quite the job! First, you need to find a vehicle mod around the island and apply it to your car. That’s something similar to throwing a Cow Catcher or new wheels; either way would mean modding a vehicle.

How cool is that?

Source: Epic Games

So, how can you mod a vehicle the easy way?

How to Mod a Vehicle in Fortnite?

You can try different ways of modding a vehicle, but you better choose the best and easiest way and find a set of Chonkers Tires to apply them to a basic car.

Check out the following steps:

  • Go to a garage and find a vehicle
  • Check around the garage for some Chonkers Tires
  • Pick the Chonkers and add them to your inventory; you can also try other garages and chests if you don’t add the Chonkers
  • Select the Tires from your inventory
  • Hold aim and throw the Chonkers Tires straight at your car
  • Your vehicle should be elevated automatically!

Prowler’s Quest ‘Mod a Vehicle’

One of the Prowler’s Quests has players modding a vehicle to earn some sweet XP and get the Prowler skin! The full challenge, though, requires players to ‘Mod a vehicle, then drive it 500 meters in a single match!’

You better hurry up and complete the challenge if you want to grab Prowler’s skin!

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