These Apps Are Secretly Signing You For Paid Subscriptions You Have to Delete Them Now!

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Watch out for this if you’re an Android user! All Android users have been advised to remove some malicious apps from their devices that have been signing them into paid subscriptions. What’s more alarming is that there are up to 11 apps that are carrying a sneaky new malware variant dubbed Fleckpe. The discovery was actually made by the security company Kaspersky on the Google Play Store.

What Are the Malicious Apps?

Check out your device right away for these apps:

  • HD 4K Wallpaper
  • Microclip Video Editor
  • Beauty Camera Plus
  • Photo Camera Editor
  • Night Mode Camera Pro
  • Beauty Photo Camera
  • Fingertip Graffiti
  • Beauty Slimming Photo Editor
  • GIF Camera Editor
  • Impressionism Pro Camera
  • Photo Effect Editor

These are among the applications that you are advised to delete right away because they pose a major threat!

Notably, most of those apps are camera, and photography-centered, with effects, wallpapers, and other camera settings. As cool as they might look, remember that double-checking everything you install on your device is always a great idea. It might look all fun and play, but these ones are usually trouble!

What are your thoughts about this new Fleckpe virus on Android? Have you ever installed such apps?

The thing with this issue here is that it’s actually only a few days after a similar incident happened. Back then, all Android users were also advised to delete immediately up to 8 apps.

TIP: Check the reviews and the developer to make sure the applications are secure and verified in the Google Play store before installing them.

How does this virus actually work?

Here’s how a digital advice website explains things:

All of this occurs in the background and for the end user whose device is infected, the apps themselves work as they normally should to avoid giving away the trojan’s presence.

Another thing to remember: duplicate apps are another cause for concern because your online privacy may also be at risk due to the cookies and data it employs.

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