Apple Watch’s Fall Detection Saved a Woman’s Life

Credit: Apple

Apple has done it again, going all full superhero mode and saving someone’s life! Fall detection on the Apple Watch is said to have saved the life of Reddit user xanderpy’s mother. The incident was dangerous, and the story is definitely chilling everyone to the bone. The fact that Apple’s built-in emergency system is so well done makes everyone think of getting one. But how does exactly work the Apple Watch’s fall detection?

When an Apple Watch wearer has a serious fall, this special function detects it and, if the user doesn’t respond, automatically calls for help.

The Reddit user went on further detailing the full story. During a work trip, his mother became anxious when she felt some trouble in her chest. She was lodging at a hotel at the time, and that was also the location of the unfortunate event.

A coworker was the one who saw the woman collapsed on the floor and dialed 911 right away, but emergency assistance had already been requested. As it turned out, the Redditor’s mother’s Apple Watch made the request for assistance right after she fell, and there was no motion detected.

The Reddit user said:

Apple technology has a firm grip on me and my entire family already but this… this was something else. This made me an Apple user for life and showed me that technology like this can truly save lives.

What are your thoughts about Apple Watch and its features? Are there any functionalities that offered you guidance?

What happened to the woman?

The woman’s aorta had just burst. Can you imagine how thin the line between life and death was? Later on, she had an operation, and everything went well. The Reddit user’s mother avoided something that is “frequently fatal” because of the Apple Watch’s fall detection smooth function.

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