The top Irish themed slot games

Slot games have been around in various forms for more than a hundred years, but the earliest versions needed an attendant to be on hand so they could check the reels. They would also deliver the payout, usually in the form of drinks or cigarettes, but this wasn’t cost-effective in the long-term.

Fortunately, an automotive engineer named Charles Fey put his skills into designing the three-reel slot that we know and love today. His design included an automatic payout system which mean that the machines could be installed anywhere.

From the moment this machine was first trialed, people were hooked and venues were keen to offer their patrons the chance to test out the latest technology in the most popular game of the day. Since then, slots have kept up with the pace of technology, being transformed into popular video games in 1976 as computing pioneers laid the foundations for today’s gaming industry.

By 1994, the early days of the internet inspired games designers to create the earliest online slots which early-adopters began to play with enthusiasm. By the beginning of the 21st century, this latest evolution of slot machines was proving as popular as its predecessors, with the new format offering a number of benefits to players.

Among these was the ability to vary the themes and designs of the games, offering players a much more interesting and engaging experience. Slots proved as popular online as they had been pre-internet, and fans appreciated the variety of the games on offer.

A theme for everyone

Although the first slot machines were limited to the most basic version of the game, online slots presented infinite possibilities in design terms. Some of the most popular games used characters and plot points from films and TV shows, and others used cultural references.

Amongst ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology, animals, and seasonal games are those that play on the idea of the ‘luck of the Irish’. There are a few different idea of where the idea came from, including the idea that many of the most profitable gold and silver prospectors were Irish or Irish American.

There are other suggestions as to the origins of the idea that the Irish are a fortuitous nation, including the myths surrounding leprechauns and the Celtic folk stories that are still so popular today.  Many of these are incorporated into Irish themed slots alongside other traditional symbols of good luck.

Irish-themed slots are among the most popular, perhaps because players appreciate all the talismans that are designed to bring them favourable results. With pots of gold, leprechauns, and four-leafed clovers all around, if there were ever a slot designed to attract good luck, it’s one of these.

Playing themed slots

Fans of online casino games will know that one of the things that makes them most appealing is the sheer number and variety there are to choose from. Some offer the chance to play uniquely themed slot games, where you play as a leprechaun as you navigate through various obstacles to get towards the jackpot.

Others use the Irish imagery as a background for simpler games that include variations on the traditions that make slot games so popular. From racing and adventure games to topical ones that reflect current trends, there are slots to suit all playing styles and preferences, including:

Leprechaun Goes Egypt

Like any collaboration, this game incorporates the best of two different themes as it features a leprechaun that has found itself in ancient Egypt. Players can have the best of both worlds as the leprechaun attempts to find the leprechaun’s loot, but they will also need to navigate past Cleopatra and the Sphinx to be victorious.

This unusual take on the traditional Irish themes provides engaging gameplay as players attempt to keep track of their character’s progress.

Racetrack Riches

Part of the lucky nature of the Irish may be rooted in the long history of horse racing in Ireland. This slot’s theme combines the two to glorious effect, with leprechauns taking the place of the horses as they compete for the chance to win first prize.

Players that want to win big will be trying to trigger the bonus round which offers the opportunity to take home a wedge of cash. This game is ideal for more experienced players that can use their knowledge to progress through the levels towards the biggest prizes.

Slots of Gold

This game will automatically appeal to anyone that wants to increase their chances of winning dramatically, with each spin having more than fifteen thousand potential winning combinations. These feature classic Irish items such as tankards of stout, leprechauns, and four-leafed clovers to keep you on track.

Of course, the traditional slot machine is no longer just about the reels – modern games can have almost any additions, in-game challenges, or steps towards the jackpot, and Slots of Gold is no exception. Players can enjoy progressive slots with engaging gameplay and an Irish theme that’s sure to help them win big.

Whatever the game, an Irish theme will always attract fans and slots are just one of the areas in which the luck of the Irish is regularly tested. With so many different ways to win, there’s a game to suit any playing style with hundreds just waiting to prove that the luck of the Irish can be felt by anyone.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.