The R2Games Halloween Extravaganza: A Virtual Trick-or-Treat Adventure!

Halloween casts its spell, and the gaming realms of R2Games are no exception. This year, R2Games rolls out the eerie carpet to its gaming community with a slew of Halloween-themed events across its popular titles. Let’s unmask what’s lurking in the spooky corners of R2Games’ virtual universe.

Eternal Fury 

The celebrations in Eternal Fury are twofold, stretching from October 30th to November 4th.

Halloween Carnival:

This event is your ticket to snag exclusive Halloween couture, SSR titles, avatars, and frames. It also unveils the latest UR Hero, amidst other fan-engaging activities like the Halloween Lucky Wheel. A five-day consecutive login streak amps up the thrill with extra rewards awaiting the loyal.

Candy War:

Swap bullets for sweets in this quirky event. Armed with five types of candies, players are set to vanquish five unique Halloween monsters. It’s a sweet, monstrous affair!

8 Ball Master 

From October 27th to November 2nd, 8 Ball Master morphs its green baize into a haunting ground.

Spooktacular Sign-In Event:

A daily sign-in during this window promises unique rewards. The quest? Click the pumpkin! But beware, missed days are lost chances at the Halloween loot.

Exclusive Halloween Gear:

Get your hands on the Halloween-exclusive cue sticks and avatars, featuring the stellar USpooky Fest Cue Set and the Pumpkinhead Cue. It’s time to pot balls in style!

Crystal Saga Idle 

Engage in spooky quests with Crystal Saga Idle from October 26th to November 1st, while still enjoying the Halloween air outside.

Dragon Treasure Quests:

Embark on an idyllic adventure, unlocking eerie items from the Mystic Chest and exploring the haunted domain, all while on-the-go.

Timed Daily Quests:

These offer a chance at bagging exclusive scary loot, aligning perfectly with the Halloween spirit.

Evil Awakening I & II: Erebus – A Darker Shade of Spook

The Evil Awakening series takes a sinister turn fitting the Halloween narrative, with new chilling fashion range for players to flaunt.

Virtual Halloween Bash at

The hub of all Halloween festivities is at, housing the Doodle Spooky Magic minigame, aptly named the R2Games Halloween Graffiti Bash. Navigate through pumpkins and phantoms to indulge in this spooky sketching spree!

For a detailed rundown on all Halloween specials across R2Games’ titles including Dark Odyssey, Game of Thrones, and Firestone, the R2Games website is your haunted haven. Discover a cobweb-draped interface replete with links to all games hosting Halloween hijinks. For additional information and assets, check out their media kit.

Embark on this ghostly gaming journey with R2Games, where every log-in is a step closer to unBOOlievable rewards!

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.