The ‘Nocturnal’ Action 2D Game is Coming Soon to PC and Consoles

Credit: Steam

If you’re also a fan of action 2D games, there’s good news for you! Sunnyside Games, a game developer, and Dear Villagers, a publishing company, are working to bring ‘Nocturnal’ to the gaming world. While it’s normal for you to have never heard about that gaming title since it’s in the making, you can keep in mind that it’s coming to both PC and consoles.

According to Chit-Hot, the game in question is coming out this spring for those who prefer either the PC or a console to run their favorite games.

The game, Nocturnal, follows the story of Ardeshir, a soldier of the Enduring Flame, who has completed a perilous voyage across the sea and returned to his home island of Nahran. However, upon his arrival, he discovers that the island is shrouded in a mysterious and unsettling Mist. In order to uncover the cause of this phenomenon, Ardeshir must harness the powerful and sacred flame of his ancestors and embark on a journey to the heart of the island.

Along the way, he will encounter secret locations and unlock powerful abilities that will aid him in his quest to uncover the truth. The journey will be challenging, but the rewards will be great as Ardeshir uncovers the secrets of his homeland and the source of the Mist.

While the popularity of 2D video games may have declined with the advancement of technology and the increasing popularity of 3D games, 2D games still have a dedicated fanbase. Many gamers continue to enjoy the simplicity and nostalgia associated with 2D games, and many developers continue to create new 2D games for a variety of platforms.

Additionally, many classic 2D games have been remastered or re-released for modern systems, allowing new generations to experience them. So, it would be incorrect to say that people don’t play 2D games anymore. They’re still a part of the gaming industry and still loved by many players.

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