The New ‘Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’ 60FPS Mod for PC Looks Amazing

Credit: Unsplash

Game Freak once again made a lot of Pokemon fans happy by releasing the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game for the Nintendo Switch handheld consoles. The game came out this month, but those who prefer playing on a PC can also enjoy the title due to emulators.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is set at 30fps by default, but you know that old saying that nothing lasts too long when it comes to gaming. You might consider that to be the case here as well, considering that there’s a new mod of the new Pokemon game available for PC that can reach 60fps.

Gotta catch ’em all, smoother than ever!

A gaming expert known as ‘theboy181’ is in charge of developing the new 60fps mod for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The project still needs some time to get completely finished, although the footage that’s already available shows some impressive results:

The same modder also didn’t hesitate to post his work on Twitter. In just two days, the tweet in question has been retweeted almost 17,000 times, which is truly insane! There’s no wonder why, as the revamped gameplay looks smoother than ever:


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be considered a role-playing game, and it has been published by both Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. While, for the moment, the game is officially available only for the Nintendo Switch consoles, we can surely expect it to be compatible with other platforms as well in the near future. Our guess is that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would be more than suitable for Android devices and iPhones, but only time will tell for sure when it comes to what the developers have in mind. The game is less than a month old, which means that the creators have all the time in the world to adapt it for other platforms if that’s really what they want.

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