The Crew Motorfest Takes Us to Hawaii on September 14th!


On September 14, 2023, open-world racing will come to Hawaii for The Crew Motorfest’. That’s fantastic news, especially because we’ll get to test-drive everything from vintage muscle vehicles to cutting-edge supercars. Make sure you check out the trailer below:

Ubisoft has recently announced that the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox One X/S users will all be able to play The Crew Motorfest, quite the stylish successor to 2018’s The Crew 2. However, what’s best is that in this third installment, you can look forward to some notably different gameplay, as well as stunning visuals and powerful vehicles all around incredible Hawaii.

Do you have any opinions on our trip to Hawaii for The Crew Motorfest? How about some suggestions for the game?

Forza-style racing events, such as street races and cool journeys on the sunny beaches, will be the focus of the Crew Motorfest, which will be set on a scaled-down replica of the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. One of the best parts is the wide variety of vehicles available to you to drive, from the hardest of the tough, the Hummer EV or Lambo Revuelto, to a vintage Volkswagen Microbus.

It would be a mistake not to acknowledge that Ubisoft Ivory Tower is hard at work on their forthcoming racing video game, The Crew: Motorfest. The game, like its predecessors, takes place in an immersive, breathtaking open universe; this time around, we’ll be exploring the islands of Hawaii. The greatest part is that, like the Forza Horizon series (any Forza Horizon fans out there?! ), it will be based on a festival that serves as the hub from which you can access the game’s many events. Besides the Forza Horizon similarity, the Crew Motorfest is a sleek combo between Motorfest and the first two Test Drive Unlimited games.

The game will allow players to take control of aircraft and boats in addition to automobiles via online multiplayer, aka “crew.” Really remarkable, huh?

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