The 15-inch MacBook Air is Finally On Its Way, Here Are the First Details

Credit: Apple

Great news for MacBook fans worldwide: the 15-inch MacBook Air has entered production and could be released soon! The rumor mill has stirred quite the buzz around a new 15-inch MacBook Air for quite a while now. However, this time, thanks to DSCC analyst Ross Young we know that suppliers to Apple are increasing manufacturing of the new MacBook’s display panels, suggesting that the announcement may occur shortly. How cool is that?!

And it gets better! Young claims that after ramping up in March, manufacture of the panels for the 15-inch MacBook Air started in February.
The expert claims that manufacturing is anticipated to increase once again in April, in advance of the new laptop’s public launch in the next weeks. So, we might see the new 15-inch MacBook Air pretty soon this year or in the first half of 2024. Young explained:

Don’t know the precise launch timing, but would assume late April/early May.

On the other hand, 9to5Mac strongly believes in a June launch during the popular WWDC 2023. The source also reported that the tech giant is reportedly working on a new iteration of the MacBook Air that will use the as-yet-unannounced M3 processor. Well, that’s quite the deal, isn’t it?! Also, the two devices of the next-gen, one with a 13-inch display and the other with a 15-inch display are reported to have been designed separately.

What else to expect from WWDC 2023?

As a matter of fact, we got plenty to expect because, as you’ve probably seen by now, Apple is full of suprises. For starters, the first mixed-reality headset is anticipated to be unveiled during the event, but the chances are pretty low, sadly. Ross Young, for instance, believes that the company has “at least for now” decided against that project.

WWDC will air on June 5 with a special opening event at the popular Apple Park.

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