“Tad the Lost Explorer: Craziest and Madness Edition” is Coming Soon for Nintendo Switch

Credit: Nintendo

The adventure/family ‘Tad the Lost Explorer’ animated film has a venerable age, and now it’s being shifted into video games as well. Some would even say that the devs from Gammera Nest might have a screw loose when they decided to bring “Tad the Lost Explorer: Craziest and Madness Edition” only for Nintendo Switch consoles.

The game in question falls into the 2D/action adventure area, and it surely brings a lot of fun to those who want to play it on Switch consoles. Tad the Lost Explorer will go bonkers once again for Nintendo’s platform, and those willing to play the new game can do so in less than two months.

“Tad the Lost Explorer: Craziest and Madness Edition” arrives on July 7

According to TGG, those willing to play “Tad the Lost Explorer: Craziest and Madness Edition” on the Nintendo Switch consoles can do so starting on July 7. Although the game is basically 2D, there’s a strong 3D vibe to it, and it surely reminds us of Super Mario. Tad will have to jump, swim, collect points, and many more in order to achieve victory. Do you have what it takes to make him become victorious?

Here’s a relevant description of the game by Nintendo:

The lost explorer, Tad, is once again on a whole new adventure! A mysterious curse will take you through the cities of Veracruz, Chicago, Paris and Cairo on an epic journey to find the emerald tablet and save your friends.

Have a great time with Tad and his companions in this 2D action video game, where you will face intricate puzzles, survive crazy adversities, and help your friends.

Who knows, maybe a few months after the game’s release, the devs will adapt it for other platforms as well. That would certainly be the cherry on top for many who are fans of the Tad the Lost Explorer movie!

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