Support For 33 More Languages Is Being Added To Google Translate’s Offline Mode

Credit: Google

Google has done a decent job of tackling the challenging task of translation by expanding the number of languages supported by its Translate app and introducing offline support for certain of those languages. Earlier this week, Google said that the Google Translate app for iOS and Android would soon support offline translation for an additional 33 languages.

We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding the offline language functionality to 33 new languages. This allows users to download the languages of interest and translate text when internet connection is unavailable.

To sum up, the following languages will now provide offline translation for users:

  1. Zulu
  2. Yoruba
  3. Yiddish
  4. Xhosa
  5. Uyghur
  6. Turkmen
  7. Tatar
  8. Sundanese
  9. Sindhi
  10. Shona
  11. Sesotho
  12. Scots Gaelic
  13. Samoan
  14. Oriya / Odia
  15. Myanmar (Burmese)
  16. Maori
  17. Malagasy
  18. Luxembourgish
  19. Latin
  20. Lao
  21. Kurdish
  22. Kinyarwanda
  23. Khmer
  24. Javanese
  25. Igbo
  26. Hmong
  27. Hawaiian
  28. Hausa
  29. Frisian
  30. Corsican
  31. Chichewa
  32. Cebuano
  33. Basque


In spite of its seeming simplicity, Google Translate packs a lot of power. You may use it to translate text in photos as well as text you enter or copy and paste into the program. In addition, with the help of Google Lens, the app may provide instantaneous, real-time translation of the world around you. Very often, even when you’re in a hurry and on the go, this tool will provide the correct answer. As a last feature, the software provides a conversation mode that can translate a communication between two separate persons in real-time.

Offline translation is available in the Google Translate app; to enable it, launch the program and go to the Settings page. The Offline translation option for adding and downloading languages may be found in the Settings menu. If the language you require is not listed, it is because offline translation functionality for that language is not currently available in this version of the program. Google Translate may be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices. New offline language support will be available in both app versions.

Susan Kowal
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