There Has Been A Large Leak Of Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases Before The Unveiling

Credit: WinFuture

There are just a few weeks left till the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones from Samsung is made available to the general public officially. This month, details have been relatively scarce; however, after Samsung made the public announcement that it would be holding a Galaxy Unpacked event in the near future, the floodgates were opened, and we have seen a number of leaks, including one that showed the entire Galaxy S23 lineup before it was released. Now, we are getting a glimpse at some of the accessories, such as leather and silicone covers, as well as Samsung’s S-View Flip Cover, which will be released simultaneously with the devices.

The information was obtained by WinFuture, which has a history of uncovering official renderings of goods and accessories far in advance of the debut of such items.  Therefore, it should not come as a complete surprise that the news site has been successful in unearthing a significant number of cases for the impending Galaxy S23 devices. While we can see more basic choices for the Galaxy S23, along with the Galaxy S23+, you also get a sneak peak at the more distinctive S-View Flip Cover that the firm has sold for a few years now. Both of these smartphones were announced today at Samsung’s Unpacked event in San Francisco. Leather and silicone make up the components of this item’s construction, respectively.

According to the source, after the devices have been fitted into a casing, it should be able to rest flat on a table since the camera bumps have been significantly minimized. Even though we still have a few weeks till an official announcement is made, Samsung has just just revealed that it will be opening Galaxy Experience Spaces all over the globe in order to demonstrate its next products. These spaces will be located in major cities. Therefore, if you are interested in spending some time with the items that have been revealed prior to their release, you will want to check to see whether there is a Galaxy Experience Space located in your area.

Susan Kowal
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